How To Automate Sales Funnel With Video

Your sales team is wasting way to much time wooing leads. Let video do it for them.

Use these 5 video ideas to automate sales funnels:

1. Explainer Video

Explain the single core thing that your business does. Now put that in a 60 second video. Be sure to stay focused on big picture stuff because your audience will lose interest if you get caught in the weeds. Don’t worry, they can learn all about everything else your business does later.


2. Retargeting Ads on YouTube

Make it clever. Wick Video does a great job making fun of themselves in the example below. Using a little humor is a surefire way to warm up a cold client.

3. “How To” Videos

Not only can these be used to show your client how to use your products, but they are also a great to find new leads. It turns out that your clients are searching how your product works before coming to you.

Not to mention that YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine, and Google even gives bonus SEO points for having the words “how to” in your title.


4. Success Story Videos

Maybe your target audience is stock traders who started their own business. Guess what, there are loads more who want to know how they did it, and you be the one tell them.

Interview your clients and ask them about their journey. Maybe they’ll even mention your product, but even if they don’t, your target audience is watching & hungry for resources.


5. Videos With CTA

In this creative example, we see Bulldog Solutions using humor to make a boring thing, not so boring after all.

Using a video is a great way to convince possible leads to download an infographic, signup for a webinar, or other digital product. Ideally this means you get their email in exchange.



Have any video tips & tricks that you use in your video marketing funnel? Post them below!

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