After Effects Expression – Proximity

Thought I’d share a fun experiment for anyone who wants to learn cool after effects expressions! (You can download the file here.)

The following animation uses just 3 keyframes:

Abstract light animation expression

Everything in this animation is based on the position of a layer that I’ve named “Target”. When I move the target layer, things scale up as it comes near.

You can see here how the target layer effects the circle:

After effects proximity expression.gif

One last example here of the control/target layer effecting multiple circles:

3d Proximity after effects expression.gif


All these examples are available for download here.
I’ll also put the expression below for those of you who like to copy/paste:

//The target is your main layer. This is the layer that controls everything else.
//Replace the word “Target” with whatever you’ve named your main control layer
target = thisComp.layer(“Target”);

//How far away your target layer is from this layer.
= Math.floor( length(position, target.position) );

//when the this object is closest, this is how big it can get?

maxSize = 33;

//How small should your layer get?

= 10

//how far can the target be before this layer starts to get bigger.

range = target.effect(“range”)(“Slider”);

// how fast the layer starts to scale up once the target is in range.

sensitivity = target.effect(“sensitivity”)(“Slider”);

//”linear” allows us to put in all our parameters and get a value back 
= linear(dist, range, sensitivity, maxSize, minSize);

//The final result
[scle/2, scle/2];


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