KeyFast – After Effects Script

This is the animate button clients thought you always had.  Save an absurd amount of time with this compact panel of one-click animations.

This Script lets you:

  • Apply preset animations to multiple layers
  • Trim Paths (on multiple layers)
  • Stagger layers
  • Stagger keyframes
  • Align keyframes (on multiple layers)
  • Copy/paste keyframes (on multiple layers)
  • Ease keyframes
  • Slide layers in any direction (with automatic easing)
  • Rotate layers left or right (with automatic easing)
  • Ease all keyframes on selected layers
  • Fade layers on and off
  • Add overshoot to your animations
  • Do everything faster!

Download KeyFast here

RasterFast – After Effects Script

RasterFast continuously rasterizes your entire project with a click. Precomps & all!

This Script lets you:

  • Not click through every composition within your After Effects file
  • Continuously rasterize all Illustrator files within a project
  • Collapse Transformations on all precomps in your After Effects file

Download for free


Animated Instagram Story – Photoshop Template

This template lets you:

  • Add your own background image
  • Edit everything in photoshop and export as a video within under a minute
  • Easily add your own text

What’s included:

  • 2 Simple photoshop templates (as shown above)
  • 1 Video tutorial to guide you through editing your Instagram Stories
  • 1 Simple image guide explaining how export video

Get it here

Photoshop Grunge Texture Pack


Quickly add high quality textures in Photoshop. Watch how here.

What’s included:

  • Wood textures
  • Ripped paper texture
  • Grunge texture
  • Bonus Snow/ Dust Texture

Get it here



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