Walmart Kiosk Design



I had the opportunity to design the interface of a Kiosk for Walmart to test out. The design had to be customizable for use with different kiosk apps, capable of taking and sharing photos on social media, and fun to use.






Knowing that the number of kiosk apps could change, I needed to design a flexible interface that could adapt. I choose tiles as a way to accomplish this. Each tile could easily be removed, replaced, or resized, and the other tiles would resize accordingly to fill the screen space. Meaning that the design looks great no matter how many apps are featured on the kiosk.





Along with taking photos, the Kiosk interface featured apps like: “,” “Walmart Pickup,” “Return an item,” and “Find an item.”




After designing the interface, I was asked to create a short demo video to demonstrate the use of a few apps that Walmart was interested in. This video shows the use of those 4 apps.